I’m so excited to start this new service, packed together as “Content Re-Purpose Package”.

This is going to be huge for anybody who sells physical or digital products online or, market their professional services online. Let’s just face it. Marketing tasks are time-consuming. For creating an omnipresence of your products and brand, it is important to share your marketing content across multiple channels.

With this package, I am going to take a huge amount of burden off your shoulders by creating a set of media around your content, ready for you to use.

This is how it will work:

  • You will give me your most favorite blog article (or content), along with your branding guide.
  • I will provide:
    • 1 Short Video
    • 5 Ready-to-Use Pinterest Graphics
    • 5 Ready-to-Use Facebook Posts
    • 5 Ready-to-Use Instagram Posts
    • 1 Ready-to-Use Email/Newsletter

Interested?  Get in touch today for more details and pricing.

Email:                          maryam@freelancebusinessmanager.com

Phone / Whatsapp:   (+1) 416-990-4794

Skype:                         maryamshakil

I have helped many passionate entrepreneurs just like you, and I am eager to help you too!

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