Here are a few testimonials from some of my clients.


I love how Maryam Usman provided me with a full kit of pictures for Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest as well as a very nice video, all in my brand’s colors. She worked directly with me and incorporated my feedback very quickly. And she managed to get everything done in German even . Thank  you so much!
Stefanie Wüstemann Germany



I love the Social Media kit that Maryam Usman created for me! She took my favorite post and helped me make it even better! I can’t wait to have her put together some new ones next year!!
Sara Hantsbarger, USA



“Maryam is the BEST TC I’ve ever worked with! Let me tell you why.
We have worked together for 10 years remotely.  First of all, she is incredibly intelligent and hard working.  She catches on very quickly to new concepts and truly enjoys learning. She is very honest and has an amazing amount of integrity.  She has had my business credit card for many years and routinely pays business bills on my behalf.  Never have I worried for a second that she would abuse this privilege and use the credit card to enrich herself; it’s just not in her DNA. 
She has a substantial skill set and has amazing tech skills and also knows Excel and PowerPoint very well. She has designed Macro programs in Excel that saved me hundreds of hours.  She has made coding changes to my websites.  
When she has questions about tasks, she will research it and look for the answer first. 
She is also an extremely enjoyable and pleasant person to deal with.  Maryam helped me negotiate short sales for many years, which required incredible patience and tenacity.  She has these skills in abundance, which makes her a very effective negotiator and co-worker.  When situations get testy and tempers flare, Maryam has the ability to bring calm and peace to the table. 
Maryam always goes the extra mile.  When you give her the assignment, she not only completes the task, she usually adds extra value by suggesting improvements.  She always keeps me in the loop and asks questions for clarification if needed.  You never need to wonder about the status because of her superb communication skills. She has very high standards and will not accept nor turn in sloppy or inaccurate work. Her work is always done professionally and correctly.  It never ceases to amaze me how much she gets done and how quickly, without sacrificing accuracy! 
She makes the process seem easy, but that’s because she is working feverishly behind the scenes to make sure that everything hums along. Her work ethic is just amazing and very admirable. When there are bumps in the road like every transaction has, she always has the creativity and patience and know-how to handle each and every situation.
In summary, you are very lucky to have Maryam on your team.  She will bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that will add immeasurably to your success.”
Colleen Coleman
Real Estate Broker – LLC



Maryam Usman is a gifted writer with a rare combination of creativity, diligence and research skills. She goes above & beyond researching and developing relevant content for the diverse set of clientele in different industries. Mrs. Usman is a valued member of the team who always comes up with brilliant marketing ideas and provides meaningful suggestions for the betterment of the crew. She is highly organized and beats deadlines all the time. She is a definite asset to the organization.”
Aimee Medina
Marketing & Sales Professional, Canada



“I have used Maryam’s services over the last couple of years and it has been a very successful partnership. She has provided services including research, training materials, proposal preparation and editing services. This allows me to spend more time with my customers and less time in the office doing paperwork. I would highly recommend her services.”
Managing Director, Thompson – Stradwick, Canada




“In the rules of business, the product is most important part of your business offering. Maryam’s product far surpasses all others I have encountered and, the tasks are completed on or before the deadline. She also has the ability to somehow read my mind and improve upon my ideas for a finished product. “I don’t know”, “Sorry I’m late,” or “I can’t” are not phrases she knows. The most valuable team member I have ever found!”
Owner, InState Enterprises – OR, USA




“Excellent Resource!”
Owner & Founder, Horizon Medical World




“Maryam is a pleasure to work with. She is very reliable, uses clear and timely communication, and is willing to help out with whatever you need. we would definitely work with her again!”




“I had Maryam help me with a number of projects that ranged from writing and proofreading to research. The quality of the work was always superior. I would recommend hiring her without hesitation.”
K.  MacKeigan



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